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"...In the beginning all was darkness without stars.
Eternal and everlasting night was all and everything.
And then, out of the night THE MOTHER of us all pulsed herself into being.
THE MOTHER span herself into threads of silence, wove the silenced threads into fabric of darkness, and out of this she sawed her body of night.
Spiraling around her womb, THE MOTHER created her first body.
And then, when her body was completed, out of her living womb she gave birth to a brilliant egg of light, and when this magical egg cracked open, numerous stars were born to all the corners of existence. They shattered everywhere and filled the entire space.
THE MOTHER rejoiced with her creation and while singing love, materialized from star to star and there gave birth to beauty in many forms and shapes."
"Grandmother – what is a womb?"  
"Ahhh, the womb is the center of our power and the focus of our being. Each of us, the women, have a womb, because like THE MOTHER, we a blessed!" grandmother gently touched my lower belly and lightly spiraled and pressed her hand.
"Remember the moon in the sky?"
I nodded
"The moon is the womb of THE MOTHER. We too have a womb inside of us, and just like the moon, sometimes she ebbs, sometimes she overflows and at other times she empties out..."
"THE MOTHER has many faces in order for her to show her magnificent vastness. She looks upon us through the pink light of sunset, she smiles at us from the moon, she is seen in mountains, rocks, every tiny or huge flower, in any spring, and from every eye of a horse or a camel or owl or goat…"
"THE MOTHER is all that gives birth and all that is harmonious in the whole of creation.
Every birth into our world and every birth out of it is the appearance of THE MOTHER.
All that is in harmony and in pleasantness with that which is around it, is the appearance of THE MOTHER as well. And there are many many ways to walk the different paths of THE MOTHER, to be a voice to her words and hands for her askings…"
From "The Witch" by Dov Trubnik




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