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-And you just call her 'Mother'?
- I know who's doughter I am

From the book "The children of the Mammoth" by Dov Ahava



Dov Ahava

Hope – a very powerful word

A word with many echoes and depths of emotions.
And, what exactly is hope?

For me, the shamanic definition for hope that I have learned from one of my elders is the best answer to this question: Hope is the idea that things can be different.
And this idea, if we agree to it and adopt it to our lives, is very powerful and can change everything.
Many years ago I was born in Egypt.
Yes – a few hundreds of years ago I was born in a tiny and unimportant village in the endless brown desert, to a very wealthy and privileged family that no one wanted any connections with aside to what was absolutely necessary.
My father was a shady business man, a liar and one who gets his way and fortune by means of violence and intimidation. My mother was a shy quiet woman, whose voice was hardly ever heard.  All my brothers (and they were many) went with the education our parents dictated and found their place in our family quite easily. They married quiet and obedient women, expanded our father’s businesses and became ripples of our father in the world.

I was different.

I was in search of my true place in the world. I remember knowing that the place I was born into was not my true home. In my dreams our Cosmic Mother came to me and I wanted to be with her, wanted her, her world, everything that she was. But the spanking of my father – the ones that followed my sharing of the dreams and very different needs – the whips and the scars evaporated the dreams and buried me under a huge mountain of darkness, pain and heart-braking loneliness.
When all my brothers and their friends were playing war – I was hoping for love,
When they discovered their manliness – I wanted a hug,

Every night that they slept in peace – I, in my nightmares, was praying for death.
At the age of 14 my father arranged my marriage to a girl I didn’t know from another rich family. Money went from hand to hand and the preparations were on their way. Those preparations for the ceremony that for me was not a happy one at all, made my heart go sour and filled me with terrible darkness – I still remember how I felt like a very powerful and violent hand was squeezing my heart and draining it from life and light. Draining it completely. I didn’t want that fate but this was my father’s decision and at that time I could not see any other option.
A couple of weeks prior to the disastrous marriage I was blessed with a mystical experience that changed my life completely:

I woke up in the middle of the night with a very strong feeling that I need to go outside. There, under the stars waited for me in the midst of a sand and wind whirlpool, a beautiful fire entity – a Djinn – and spoke two words only: “RUN! RUN NOW!”

I don’t know where and how I found the strength and the courage – I ran.
I remember running without looking back even once, running into the night with no food or water, without knowing what direction will be safe for me, running and knowing that people will be sent to track me down, bring me back an punish my behavior (I was certain that the scars I already had from the whip will be nothing comparing to what awaits me should I will be caught). I ran with all my might for three days and three nights.

I ate roots and leaves I found here and there, drank from occasional water holes, and did not dare to take a rest even for a minute, else my father’s men or one of my brothers will succeed tracking me down and retrieve me to a miserable fate.
In the forth night everything changed.

In the forth night I met a wondrous man that later turned out to be one of my true brothers – one of my soul-brothers. Owl is his name (I still remember his scent – a scent of a hug. It amazes me that even though this life took place hundreds of years ago, my love for this man did not fade at all. At all). I dared enter the small night camp Owl created, and he, being the magic that he is, recognized me and immediately opened for me the doors into his life. With gentleness and softness, with open arms and with love such as I have not experienced much at that far away life-time or in this current life, he pulled me out of the storm of my past – the storm I was running away from – and gathered me into the world of the Lady of all worlds – into the hug of the Cosmic Mother of us all.

Owl is one of the Birds of The Mother – that means that he is not your average man, but something completely different and very special, even magical. He remembered me from my previous lifetimes and knew exactly who I was.
He knew my loves and desires far better than I knew them,
He was my first step on the road towards a life filled with honey and sweet nectar, days and nights filled with men and women who truly saw and loved me,
And most important of all – he brought me to my wonderful guides – three amazing women who lived at that time in Italy, and who guided me onto my soul path, giving me the tools to become all I could and was supposed to be in the world.

Needless to say – he helped me escape with miraculous speed, to Alexandria and from there on a boat to Europe.
And so - there is always hope.
Even at times when all seems close, locked up, bound and not possible, even when everyone says that there is no other way – there is always hope – things can always be different.
Did I know, when I ran, that all will turn for the better for me, and that my life will become wonderful?
I most certainly did not.
And still…

Oh… how good it is to have The Mother in this creation. A Mother who loves us and who knows how to bring goodness into our lives even at time that we ourselves cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel.

There is always hope, and our Lady, constantly birth it to become our reality.

I am in humble gratitude.

May The Lady be always in our hearts.  
Picture from http://dswilliams.com/2018/07/04/hope-on-the-4th/
 Mother and I

Everything can be different
Rohan Plaot

“I believe that you have reached a very significant point in your life, regardless of the world you’re coming from. The point of maturing. At this point you’re supposed to choose to live your life for you and not other people lives for them. This happens eventually to everyone, apparently on every world.
The woman that birthed you gave you your body, and for that you owe her your gratitude. If you choose to love her – that is fine as well. Devotion is something completely different. Our devotion is supposed to be given to the one who gave us life. And that is our real mother. To her we must be devoted and to aim our lives towards. If we choose to give her life that is fine as well.”
“And who gave me life?”
“You mean the all creating first Mother?”
She just nodded
“And you just call her ‘mother’?”
“I know whose daughter I am”
From the book “Children of the mammoth” by Dov Ahava

This newsletter is wrapped around a very specific truth, the same truth which will be in the heart of our coming Three Spirals event, the simple truth that teaches us that everything can be different, or in a single word – truth.

Now – there is an issue here.

It is one thing to speak that idea or to “Like” it on Facebook’ and a different thing to actually believe in it, choose it, and live it. Or as I often here from teachers I give lectures to: “that’s all very nice but how could I make any difference at all?”

After all, we weren’t born yesterday
After all, we have seen this before
After all, we know by now how people are and how this world is
After all, what reason do I have to believe that this time it will be different?
After all, I know her/him for so many years and I know how she / He is…

Between all of those voices it is hard to feel hope. It does not matter how many wise sentences we liked on Facebook – if this is the story we live – this is the reality we will experience.

But – things can be different…

Those words are written during the second half of the seeds moon. My teachers always taught me that the fruits I experience today are the result of the seeds I planted before – and everything begins with the seed.

And the seed is the way I define myself. Or in different words: who am I?

And from the simple answer to this huge answer – my entire tree grows.

If the blessed woman who gave me body is my mother, I am a human being that was born when once and I will end when I die, I am powerless to make a real impact on this world and reality is no doubt bigger than me. I can do only what I know I can do and I am limited by what make sense. I also know how this story will end – I have been living here for long enough to know, and that is all there is to it.
This is one kind of tree. One that hosts despair on a regular basis.

If the woman that gave me body is an envoy of Mother Earth, and my real mother is the one that gives birth to stars, if I am a soul, I am eternal, sacredness within a body, creator of realities, my powers are vast and magnificent and I am so much more than what my mind can understand. If every word of mine echoes ripples all the way to the stars, and I am actually a magical being, a dreaming star, and I live within my mother that loves me and forever wants only what is best for me –
That is a different kind of tree. One that hosts hope, and smiles almost every minute.

It all begins with the seed. It all begins with my definition of what is true.
No doubt that the current culture directs us towards the seed of the first tree. It is all around, it is loud, and very tempting.

And our Mother – our real Mother – invites us again and again in so many different and magical ways to be reminded who we really are and to choose the seed of the second tree. She is eternal, she is patient, and she is waiting for us to remember and she loves…

Maybe it is time for us to mature, and choose our own life, and choose a new truth.
Because the truth is – we are eternal.
The truth is that the world we live in has so much more magic than logic which can only mean that as a principle – things can always be different…

The truth is that we live in a world that loves us.

If I am a man - I need to survive this world.
If I am a soul – I walk around in a world that desires nothing but to love me
Hope is not something that happens to other people whose Facebook post we like and find inspiring….

Hope is a truth, rooted in a single simple random choice, as an answer to one question:

Who am I?

The choice between the two seeds is always free. Our mother made us this way
And even if you have already heard this idea for a million times, and even if you thought that you’ve made the choice for over three hundred lifetimes in a row and was proven wrong, and even if your mind screams right now that it is too simple and that magic only happens to others – in this moment – this very moment – everything can change.

Things can be different for you – you beautiful soul.

“My eyes were wondering as I allowed my teacher’s question to sink deep inside. Very soon I came to realize that things were truly that way: In my heart I know it is so, although my head cannot grasp this answer”.  “Wonderful! It is always best to know from our heart rather than our head, since the head ends at the tip of our nose, while our heart know how to fly eternity…”
From the book “Circles” by Dov Ahave

May magic always fill your life


Seeing The Mother around us
kindness and generosity

In this part of the newsletter we usually introduce places, symbols, names and a verity of ways to see that Mother has never disappeared  from our world and that she and her world can be found everywhere around us.

This time we wanted to talk about something which is neither a symbol, a word, nor a place – but an essence. A simple idea that if embraced has the power to change worlds:

Wherever there’s genuine generosity – Mother is
Wherever there’s true kindness – Mother is
Wherever there’s goodness, genuine smile, good neighboring and will to make good between people – Mother is.

Mother is everywhere, and her world is here. Our young and ignorant culture had temporarily forgotten about her, but she’s here – in every smile, every kind word, and every place where kindness and generosity are.

And here is a secret: since she is where kindness and generosity are – you can use them to invite her…

from http://andreakihlstedt.com/is-kindness-one-of-your-core-strengths/

A Memory

She had a stone, and with the stone she had seen things.

The stone was very simple. Maybe a pebble, or from some rich people garden.
SHE was everything but simple – always wearing black and always covering her hair with white lace handkerchief that covered only most of her silver hair, most of her wrinkled face.

Once her stone was stolen.

Everyone was afraid, worrying how she might see all that she used to see so far and all that they needed her to see… but she, quickly, quietly and calmly, had found a new stone.

A very simple stone

And in the stone she had seen things.
תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪pebble‬‏
From the book "Distant memories" by Dov Ahava


       Our Recomandation :
Holy springs and well
There is something magical about springs. Cool clear water emerging from the earth herself is always a joyful experience, (especially in a hot country as Israel). However, some springs are even more special. Some springs are not just a gush of water, but also one of energy, of sacredness, of blessings or healing.'

Those affect the water and turn them into water that carry miracles energetic medicines. We call those springs that were blessed by MOTHER – holy springs and wells. Being around them is an opportunity for sacredness, and drinking some of them, open one to opportunities of blessings, healing and many forms of magic…

There are some many famous holy wells and spring around the world such as the Red Spring in Glastonbury or the St. Clethers holy well and chapel in Cornwall England.

Israel, that in spite of its tiny size is abundant with power and holy places that still radiate the different aspect of The Mother, is also blessed with many many holy springs and wells. Here are three of them:

Mary’s spring in Ein kerem, Jerusalem. If you just allow yourself to go beyond the noises of the neighborhood you will discover the silent beatings of sacredness and her love…

Ein Sarona, not far from Kfar Tavor, is a place where the butterfly lady dwell, with all of her beauty…

The holy spring of Peqi’in, right in the beating heart of the village, is a place of wonder. The spring’s soul still remember the  knowing old women that visited her centuries  ago, and the village’s old men that still sit around her, their feet’s inside the water, making decisions  … a place of magic, no doubt.
Holy springs and wells are one of the gifts Mother Earth bestow on her children, and a doorway to Mother’s hug. Come. The water awaits.



מעיין הכפר של פקיעין

"Three spirals" - a celebration of
The Lady!
On the 15/9/18 we will meet in Israel for a one day of love called "Three Spirals": A day of workshops, ceremonies, market, and love, in honor of The Mother - the lady of our lives. If you wish to come and join us, and be a part of this happening, embraced by the love of the cosmic womb - let us know and come! 

The Mother pendant's for sale!

Pendants of The Mother's symbol, now available in 7 metallic colors:old silver,silk silver, shiny silver, shiny gold, silk gold, dark gold, and copper.

Price: 35 Shekels.

For details contact Rohan : Rohan.snir@gmail.com

May the mother be always in our hearts


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